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2015 Profile of a Typical
MAR Member

This profile was created based on the responses of some 30 members of the Massachusetts Association of Reflexology (MAR). The survey consisted of 80 questions, and had a response rate of approximately 50%. See index for compiled data. –Complied by Shannon Brisson


The typical MAR member is a 56-year-old female who has been practicing reflexology for 10 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree and received 240 hours of initial training before beginning her practice. She is also highly invested in her profession, having spent over 350 hours in continuing education as well as at least 200 hours to be certified by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) and/or the Reflexology Certification Board (TheRBC).


She is a recognized member of MAR as well as the Reflexology Association of America (RAA), having acquired the minimum 300 hours of reflexology training with 180 hours of classroom time and she adheres to her professional organization Code of Ethics, and presents professional attire and comportment. She maintains these memberships in order to be recognized for her professional commitment learn of continuing-education opportunities and stay informed of issues and news about the profession. She also carries liability insurance.

The typical MAR member works part time—about 20 hours a week—and sees between 3 to 9 clients per week. She primarily works out of a private studio space in the suburbs, in multiple locations and municipalities, and will often make mobile visits with clients. She only works by appointment. The average session with the MAR member is about 65 minutes, at $66 per hour. With a roster of 9 clients per week, the member makes an annual salary of just over $30,000 gross.

Most of her clientele are female, about 55 years old, and referred by another client. Her clients’ top reasons for visiting a reflexologist are stress reduction/relaxation, anxiety/depression, foot pain, insomnia, PTSD, cancer, and “adrenal fatigue”. Clients rest comfortably on a zero gravity recliner or massage table while the reflexologist sits on a stool. During a session, only the clients’ socks and shoes are removed. On the first visit, the MAR member will take a full health history as well as clean and inspect the client’s feet or hands. Afterwards, she always takes the time to carefully document each session. She does not diagnose or treat illness, nor does she make claims that reflexology can cure an ailment. She will direct any health concerns to her clients’ medical provider. She works within her scope of practice.

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