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Committees and Working Groups

Whether you are a newly graduated reflexologist, or established in the field, the MAR is looking for your unique perspective and talents. Please find your passion and a way to contribute to the field and to your association. Give as much or as little time that you want to. We thank you for your service!



Are you a natural networker? Do you enjoy building relationships and making connections? Then you’re a perfect fit! The Membership Committee is responsible for the annual membership drive, member benefits, professional member requirements, and recruiting.


Public Relations/Events

Do you love sharing reflexology  with people? Is your idea of an afternoon well spent doing mini-sessions or talking to Chamber of Commerce about reflexology? Are you always coming up different ways to  put reflexology in the Public eye?  From speaking engagements, reflexology clinics, volunteering at special events, this is a perfect fit for you! The Public Relations/EventsCommittee shall be responsible for improving and maintaining the public profile of MAR and the profession of reflexology.



  • Fundraising Committee: This committee brainstorms ideas for both inside and outside fundraising from fun, useful, and innovative retail to unique  event opportunities

  • Reflexology Walking Path Committee:   Rosalie Cryan and diane Wedge have been working diligently for several years on the erection of a Reflexology Walking Path in Quincy, MA.

  • World Reflexology Week (WRW) Committee:  This committee, with the help of the membership, facilitates the process of choosing a not- for- profit organization that promotes or utilizes mind body modalities  for MAR to partner with during  the last full week in September that has been named by the ICR as World Reflexology Week.



To monitor state laws and legislation that may impact the practice of Reflexology.


The goal of the Education Committee is to seek out new and relevant education and to schedule workshops in our area for our members. Tasks include keeping abreast of local, national and international educators, fields of study; posting educational events in the New England region to the MAR calendar; researching educators and topics to present to membership to vote on sponsorship; assist in all aspects of bringing educators to Massachusetts to present event to membership including arranging dates, accommodations as well as assisting with any administrative tasks associated with organizing  the educational event.

Website & Electronic Media  

The Website Committee shall be responsible for developing and updating the online presence of MAR.

The MAR makes every effort to select photographs that put our members in the best light, while representing our events and member activities for our membership and to the public. If any member notes a photograph of them in our social media platforms that they find objectionable, or if you missed the opt-out line on the membership renewal form, please contact us right away, and we will make every effort to adjust or edit our photographs accordingly.


Two Delegates or representatives will be chosen (either from Professional Member volunteers or from the Directors themselves) by the Board of Directors of MAR. The Delegates attend monthly meetings of the Delegate Assembly which acts as a liaison between state associations and the Reflexology Association of America (RAA). In this capacity, Delegates share state news and concerns from the membership and Board of Directors and relays news from other state associations and the RAA Board of Directors. The Phyllis A Garvey fund sets aside a small stipend towards the expense of sending our State Delegates to the RAA Bi- Annual Conference.

Nomination & Election 

Duties of this committee are to canvass the membership in search of nominees to elect to the Board of Directors each year. (2 for the even years, and 3 for the odd years.)

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