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Membership Options For July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021
Registration Deadline: June 30th 2020
Professional Membership - $60

Requires a minimum completion of 300 hours of reflexology-only training(s); 60% (180 hours) of which must have been taken in a live classroom setting with an instructor.  Professional members may vote, hold office, and be eligible for a listing on the online directory. 

Associate I Memberships - $45

Membership is open to reflexology practitioners (with 200 - 299 hours of reflexology-only training)

Associate II Memberships - $45

Membership is open to reflexology practitioners (with less than 200  hours of reflexology-only training)

Associate III Memberships - $45

Membership is open to Schools, Students, and Supporters of MAR.

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